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Kids Program

South Coast Self Defense Kids Classes are a mixture of our three adult programs. These classes, for ages 4-14, are a fun way for children to learn Kickboxing (striking), Jiu Jitsu (ground defense), and Krav Maga (self defense). 

Our classes are designed to be fun and dynamic, while improving kids coordination, flexibility, and physical fitness.  Topics covered in class are how to protect themselves in situations such as abductions and bullying. We simply use Martial arts as a tool to teach children important life skills, such as self-control, respect, and self-discipline, that will follow them through the rest of their lives.

Our adult classes are open to students over the age of 13 and all fitness levels. Modifications are always welcome for disabilities and injuries. Prior martial arts experience is not required.

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Cardio Kickboxing

In this class students will learn the fundamentals of striking techniques used in kickboxing and Muay Thai. This class will incorporate striking on a heavy bag, body weight exercises and fitness drills for a fun full body workout. Beginners welcome.

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Sparring Drills and Skills

In this class students will learn the fundamentals of proper striking and defending techniques used in kickboxing and Muay Thai. This class will incorporate sparring, pad holding and partner drills to take your training and fitness to the next level.

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Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a grappling centered martial art. The goal in sport Jiu Jitsu is to gain a dominant position over your opponent through leverage and technique, followed by submitting the opponent using joint locks and chokeholds. Beginners welcome.

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Krav Maga

 Krav Maga, the official fighting and self-defense system of the Israeli military, is a great way to improve your overall level of fitness While you're having fun. The principles of Krav Maga are : 

1) Address the immediate threat.

2) Defend and counter simultaneously.

3) Eliminate the threat.

4) Disengage.

During the course of your training, we will challenge you to train under stress, learn situational awareness and prevention techniques that will help avoid problematic situations. Beginners welcome.

As a student progresses through their training, advanced students will learn defenses against against blunt objects, firearms and knives.

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Private Lessons

South Coast Self Defense also offers one on one training. 

Many of our student have turned to private lessons for injuries or disabilities that need modified curriculum, situation specific training for employment or lifestyles or to simply optimize their training.

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Womens Only Seminars, Coorporate Events and more

At South Coast Self Defense we continue to host various seminars with professionals in their field, and fun events for the whole family

These events include: 

Womens Only Seminars

Kickboxing and Sparring Fundamentals Seminars 

Jujitsu Seminars

Corporate Events

Birthday Parties

Kids Nerf Nights

and more!

Programs and Class Descriptions: About Us

Tips for Your First Group Class


Drink, drink, drink! The key to a healthy body is staying hydrated. So be sure to have water before, during, and after class.

What To Wear

If you’ve never been to class, we suggest wearing a tee shirt and warm-up/work out pants and we train barefoot.

Check-In/Arrive Early

Nothings worse than a last minute set-up! Do yourself a favor and come to the class 15 minutes before class starts. Be sure to stop by the front desk and an Instructor will greet you. Let them know that you’re
a new student and they’ll get you set up with a run down on class and help you with any equipment you may need.


Have fun!

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