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South Coast Self Defense offers weekly morning and evening classes for all levels, and all ages. Cover all of your self defense needs with our Striking,  Jiu jitsu, and Krav Maga programs


Youth/ Kids Belt Promotion Ceremony

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February 24TH at 6 PM 

During the belt promotion ceremony, students will be demonstrating what they have recently learned. Please have your child at the school at 5:45 PM as the ceremony will begin at 6 PM. This is the largest belt promotion we've ever had so we are limiting guests to two (2) per student and seating will be limited. Pictures will be taken and used for social media so please let us know if you do not want your child's pictures used. The evening will run until 6:45 PM, the event is free, but we are asking for any donation to be made to our fundraiser being held after class.

Nerf Night


Ages 7 and up

Enjoy a night out while your kids play at the school! Kids nerf night is a recess like event, where the children are provided nerf and darts to play with for the night under instructor supervision. Toward the end of the night we will sometimes organize games like dodgeball, and provide pizza for dinner. 


Street parking only. Please respect our neighbors and do not block any
driveways, bus stops or park next to a yellow painted curb.
Please do not park in the lot or the driveway in front of the school. 
It is unsafe and reserved for instructors. You will be asked to move immediately.


Muay Thai


Krav Maga


Jiu Jitsu


Kids Program


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